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Wishing you and your families the very best of the season

Give the gift of concerts

Hello all my friends and fans,

I hope you're all keeping well during these awful times it’s been a strange time for everyone but hopefully we all come through and see better days ahead. I’m very sad to say we lost some friends to the virus our condolences to all their family and friends it’s been a terrible time for them with restrictions at funerals of numbers attending hospitals funeral homes and churches.May God have mercy on them. If I may just mention two great friends who past recently: Dan Dillon from Pittsfield, who was one of the main characters of a group who ran shows with the Wolfetones in Dalston for many years with his buddy Dave Ruane - they were the backbone of the group. They promoted the Tone’s all over, they built funny props to illustrate the songs like the "Ya-Ho-Ometer" and Dan was sure to dance around to the “Big Strong Man” with the Lusitania on his chest. Well Dan, we loved you and will miss you so much always a great spirit and an inspiration RIP. Just recently I heard the sad news of another great friend of mine passing into the next world, he was a legend around the Capital and the halls of power in Hartford Conn. - never missed a Wolfetone show across the Tri State area. Carroll Hughes was a legendary character who was passionate about his Irish heritage, loved the Tones and I was proud to call him a friend. He helped to get the Gorta Mor the so called "Famine" onto the School agenda in the State of Connecticut. My condolences to his Wife Jeanne and his family - "may he rest in peace". Carroll went to the next world wearing his Wolfetones headband as he did so many times in this world. Carroll you will be always in my thoughts and in my prayers. We got to do a couple of shows towards the end of the year and it felt great to be back. They were all sold out to capacity with fantastically enthusiastic crowds. The first one was the Feile on Belfast and we were dubious as to whether it would go ahead or not. Happily we got the "all clear" and what a great atmosphere: it was it couldn’t have been better. We had to rehearse the show so Tommy came to my house and we went through the songs. It’s surprising how rusty you can get after a long lockdown but as soon as we hit the stage everything was magical. Tommy singing better then ever! The Millennium Forum in Derry another great crowd as always! Now I was beginning to feel normal again. Next we went to Limerick for two sell-out nights in the City of Sean South and the broken treaty Stone. Two great nights and two nights never to be forgotten. We crowned off the Irish tour with a night in the National Stadium Dublin. With two thousand great Dublin fans we sang our hearts out that night. I think this was one of the best nights we ever had in Dublin. We were delighted that Grace Gifford's Grand niece came on stage with us during Tommy's rendition of the great song telling the story of her marriage to Joe Plunkett just before he was executed. I believe it’s the greatest love song of all time. We got into a bit of a stumble just before our tour of England and Scotland. We had to cancel the tour for a unforeseen problem but towards the end of the week we got good news and we were able to reschedule the second week. It started in Glasgow for two great nights and then to Manchester and Birmingham. May I apologise to the people who were let down by the cancellation’s. I know of one group of people who came from the US to see the shows in the London Irish Center - so I'm so sorry. Then there were a group from Wales who had booked the Show in Manchester had Hotels and travel booked who were also very disappointed. There are probably more sad stories so I do apologize to one and all. Hopefully we can make it up in the future. Now I have some exciting news about our plans for 2022 hoping it will be a COVID- free year or at least that It will be under better control.

TOUR DATES: to honour the memory of the victims of the so called Famine or an Gorta Mor, we will be presenting several special live performances with music and songs specially written for these concerts. You all remember those wonderful concert's that we performed honouring the heroes of the '98 Uprising and the glorious events of the Irish Rebellion of 1916. Now, we present a special show remembering the millions of people who were systematically starved by the British Government while the country was full of food and exported all over the world creating a Famine in Ireland “Our Irish Holocaust.” Millions more were forced to flee starvation through immigration only to perish on the "Coffin Ships" in their desperation to escape. We should never forget their suffering. Come join us around the world as we commemorate their sacrifice through our concerts as we perform our new songs as well as all of the old hits that you love. Through the CeannCapall Entertainment Group, we have live performances booked in theatres in the USA . WHY NOT GIVE YOUR FRIENDS SOME CONCERT TICKETS FOR CHRISTMAS SOMETHING THEY’LL NEVER FORGET 27th December 2021 | The INEC Killarney SOLD OUT Friday 19th February 2022 | The Barrowlands Saturday 20th February 2022 | La Belle Angele Edinburgh Tickets for cancelled show valid for new date unless it was refunded 23rd February 2022 | Camden Irish Center London 50-52 Camden Square, London NW1 9X Bookings from cancelled show remain valid for rescheduled shows unless refunded 24th February 2022 | Camden Irish Center, info and tickets 25th February 2022 | Manchester St. Kentigerns Social Club 36 Wilbraham Rd, Fallowfield ManchesterTickets & Info: | Phone +441512242033 Nov 20th bookings remain valid for rescheduled date US TOUR 13th March 2022 | The Strand Theatre | 617-635-1403543 COLUMBIA ROAD BOSTON, MA 02125. Tickets The Strand click here 15th March 2022 The Town Hall, 123 West 43rd St. Between Broadway and sixth, Manhattan NY 10036 Ticket link TOWN HALL 16th March 2022 second night Town hall between Broadway and 6th Manhattan NY 10036 Ticket link TOWN HALL IRELAND Good Friday April 15th 2022 | The Clayton Silver Springs Hotel Cork City Tickets for cancelled show still valid for new date Saturday 16th of April 2022 | The National Stadium Dublin A special Easter tribute to our heroes of 1916 Not to be missed Tickets info. Just a word of warning there are scammers out there and already we heard that friends in US were being asked to pay $345 per ticket when the real price is $127 so please watch out. Well that’s it from me until I see you all at your favourite venue until then Keep safe and remember “Live as long as you can and die when you can’t help it “ Yours Brian Warfield

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