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1965   The Foggy Dew Fontana

1966   Up The Rebels! Fontana

1968   The Rights Of Man Fontana

1970   Rifles Of The IRA  Dolphin Records 

1972   Let The People Sing  Dolphin Records

1974   Till Ireland A Nation Dolphin Records

1976   Irish To The Core Triskel Records

1976   Across The Broad Atlantic Triskel Records

1978    Belt Of The Celts Triskel Records

1980    Live Alive-Oh Triskel Records

1981    Spirit Of The Nation Triskel Records

1982    As Gaeilge Triskel Records

1983    A Sense Of Freedom Triskel Records

1985    Profile MCA Records

1986    The Wolfe Tones Greatest Hits K-Tel

1987    Sing Out For Ireland Triskel Records

1989    The Wolfe Tones 25th Anniversary Harmac Records

2001    You'll Never Beat The IrishCeltic Collections Ltd.

2002    The Very Best Of Wolfe Tones   Celtic Collections Ltd

2004    The Troubles Celtic Collections Ltd

2004    The Wolfe Tones 40th Anniversary Live Celtic Collections

2005    The Wolfe Tones Platinum  Celtic Collections Ltd

2008    Rebels and Heroes Celtic Collections Ltd

2012    Child Of DestinyDolphin Records

2014    The Wolfe Tones 50th Anniversary Concert Live Boxset

2016    The Wolfe Tones 1916 Commemoration Concert Live Boxset



1965   Spanish Lady Fontana

1966   This Town Is Not Our Own Fontana

1966   The Man From Mullingar Fontana

1966   The Teddy Bear's Head Fontana

1966   Banks Of The Ohio Fontana,

1968   James Connelly (The Irish Rebel) Fontana

1969   Uncle Nobby's Steamboat / God Save Ireland Fontana

1970   Slievenamon Dolphin Records 

1970   Snowy Breasted Pearl Dolphin Records

1970   Big Strong Man Dolphin Records

1971   Fiddlers Green Dolphin Records

1972   On The One Road Dolphin Records 

1972   Big Strong Man  Dolphin Records

1972   Highland Paddy Dolphin Records 

1972   The Snowy Breasted Pearl Dolphin Records

1972    On the One Road Dolphin Records

1973    Ireland Over All Dolphin Records

1973    Up And Away (The Helicopter Song) Dolphin Records

1975    Vale Of Avoca Triskel Records

1975    Rock on Rockall

1978    Quare Things In Dublin / Misty Foggy Dew Triskel Records

1978    Botany Bay

1979    Farewell to Dublin

1979    The Punt / 14 Men Triskel Records

1979    Padraic Pearse Triskel Records

1980    Mrs. Fogarty's Christmas Cake / The Wren Triskel Records

1980    The Lough Sheelin EvictionTriskel Records

1981    The  Streets Of New YorkTriskel

1982    Admiral William Brown Triskel Records

1983    Irish Eyes / Joe McDonnell Triskel Records 

1983   Janeymac I'm Nearly 40 Triskel Records

1983    The MermanTriskel Records 

1984    Song Of Liberty Triskel Records

1985    My Heart Is In Ireland Triskel Records

1986    Remember Me At Christmas / Uncle Nobby's Steamboat

1986    Dreams Of HomeTriskel Records  

1987   Flight Of Earls / St. Patrick's Day Triskel Records

1988   I ♥ Wolfe Tones ( EP) Triskel Records

1988   Flow Liffey Waters ‎Triskel Records

1988   Celtic Symphony/Boston Rose ‎Harmac Records

1990   World Cup Symphony

2002   You'll Never Beat The Irish Triskel Records

2002   My Heart Is In Ireland / St. Patrick's DayRego Irish Records



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