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The Wolfetones sing Ireland's Favourite Folk Songs

Thank you to all our fans who voted for a Wolfie song to be included in Ireland's Favourite Folk song.  We thought we'd put a little playlist together for you to hear our versions of some of the songs. We had hoped one of the Wolfetone original songs like "My Heart is in Ireland", "Joe McDonnell", "Celtic Symphony" "Irish Eyes", "Farewell to Dublin" or "Let the People sing" might be included in the list.  But the powers that be keep us off the airwaves.  Please read the newspaper article which went viral here.

Have a listen to the Wolfies Favourite Folk Song play list below. The final list of RTE Favourite Folk songs included:

"The Rocky Road to Dublin"
"Raglan Road"
"The Parting Glass"
"Oro Se de Bheatha Abhaile"
"A Woman's Heart"
"The Green Fields of France"

"A Rainy Night in Soho".

"The town I loved so well"
"The Foggy Dew"

"Danny Boy"

Have a listen and tell us what you think! In no particular order! Now for a real public vote on Ireland's favourite folk song - maybe next year! 

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