A Look Inside: 'You'll Never Beat The Irish' - A Great New Album

***Out Now***Released November 2001***Available for Purchase at Celtic-Collections.com


 Noel Nagle, Tommy Byrne and Brian Warfield have being playing music together with the Wolfe Tones for over 37 years. Their long and successful musical career has taken them all over the world as ambassadors of Irish Music and song. They have played at all the major festivals and concert halls in America, France, Holland, Germany, Canada, Britain and Australia. They are recognised for their musical talents and as folklorists both individually and collectively and have received acclaim and awards for their work in many lands. They pride themselves in carrying on the story telling tradition of the ballad writers and singers who played such an important part in Irish life through the centuries. Before the coming of the English the Bards and satirists carried the genealogy and history of the chieftains, the clans and the country in poem, music and song and continued to do so for many centuries after their arrival. This work is very much in that tradition. There are 14 songs on the C.D. 12 of them original all telling a story from different milestones of Irish History. It follows the story of Ireland and the Irish Diaspora across the world right up to the present day.

You will learn of many aspects of Irish life, be informed of the plight of her emigrants laugh at the satire and cry with sadness of some of the events recorded. In a time when Ireland has become self-assured and mature economically. We should be assured and responsible enough as a nation do deal with our history honestly. Some people believe we should forget our past and rewrite our history to suit the present I disagree. It was the Presbyterians and Protestants of Ireland who were the first republicans it was they who were at the forefront during 1798.It was they who wanted full emancipation and full rights for their fellow Catholic citizens. Many ministers of God were hung outside their churches because they fought for the rights of man. The story of Ireland is part of all the religious traditions on the island. Unfortunately religious bigotry was introduced to divide the Irish and has scourged our land ever since. You’ll never beat the Irish is dedicated to all Irish People of all religions all over the World. The great Hunger scattered the Irish but they were being forced from their land for generations prior to that catastrophic event. The weavers of Ulster the Merchants and ship owners of the 18th. century were all driven away and all regarded themselves as Irish.

This collection of songs is the most exciting Irish sound for years it's new, it's modern, it's different. it's fascinating...it's tradition with attitude! It’s a must for every lover or collector of Irish music and a must for everyone who wants to know about Ireland and its history and folklore.

To Read A Selection Of the Album Slieve Notes, Written By Brian Warfield Click Here

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