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This page is intended to give those not so familiar with the Wolfetones' music, a flavour of their songs, and for all to enjoy. If you like what you hear you will can purchase the Wolfetones' CD's at the best prices, on the Wolfe Tones Official Website. To go directly to our online store click here.

Keep checking as additional tracks and interviews will appear on this page in the near future.




The Shores of Botany Bay (MP3 64kbps) Byrne/Nagle/Warfield/Warfield-Skin Music

Available on "Live Alive-Oh" (Double CD Version Only): Purchase







Plastic Bullets (MP3 64kbps) B.Warfield - Skin Music

Available on "Sing out for Ireland" Purchase




Right Click on your mouse over each song title and select "save target as" to download.

To ensure quicker download times, these tracks have been converted to below CD quality for this website.

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